Radio Ceylon Bar


Radio Ceylon Bar is a community project by people who agreed to contribute after we bought them a pint at the bar.  We’re beta testing right now.  Once the engineers have been sober long enough to fix the flux capacitors, remember where they put the delithium crystals and the 9mm stereo jack,  the radio station will play in the bar.  In the meantime we’re on impulse power and can broadcast our test transmission as far as this page.

If you want to change the music on the Ceylon Bar jukebox, we won’t charge you – ask us about it.

Only Bar in Changkat with it’s own radio station.

This Week’s Schedule

Android Devices

On Android devices, there are several ways you can play Radio Ceylon Bar.  One option is simply to point your browser to:

If you prefer to use a proper application, Icecast Player works well.  After installation, add a new favorite like this:



To be added.

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